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When you choose BreakTheTest, you get the undivided efforts of Dean Chadwin, not an employee. Dean is an award-winning veteran teacher with a proven track record of success helping students and parents get the best outcome from the college application process.

Why Dean?

1. A lifetime of success with standardized tests that has opened countless doors to the best colleges and graduate schools, including a 35 on the current version of the ACT just two years ago.

2. Decades of excellent teaching and tutoring of the college entrance exams for big and small companies and teaching key exam subjects (such as Math and English) at middle school, high school, and college levels. 

3. A series of proven strategies for success on these exams and repeated proof of concept with countless students gaining admission to dream schools and access to significant grants and scholarships.

4. I have won awards for my skills in teaching and writing. I can help applicants craft their own unique selling proposition for colleges.

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Break The Test offers college advising focus on four key strands of the college preparation process:
1. College test prep
2. Creating a list of appropriate colleges
3. Completing strong college applications
4. Finding scholarships, grants, loans, and other forms of financial support

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